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Grand Canyon Bus Tours Originating in Vegas Are All-Inclusive

Want a fun, comfortable, inexpensive way to see the most popular parts of the Grand Canyon? Have you ever considered one of the Grand Canyon bus tours that set out from Las Vegas? The one-way drive to the West Rim only takes about 2 hours. The South Rim is farther away and the trip there is longer, about 5 hours.

Although West Rim and South Rim bus tours take you to entirely different parts of the canyon, they all pass by Lake Mead and stop at spectacular Hoover Dam, so you'll have some terrific photo opportunities. And once you arrive, there are plenty of sights at both rims.

Determining which rim to visit is based on personal preference. Rule of thumb goes like this: Go to the West Rim if you have limited time and thrills and adventure. Head to the South Rim if you want incredible natural beauty. The West Rim, for instance, is the only place where you can take a helicopter tour the bottom and a boat ride on the Colorado River. The South Rim, which is where the majority of canyon photographs are taken, is home to world's most intense natural lookouts. West Rim trips last about 12 hours while South Rim tours take around 15 hours.

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Whether they visit the West or the South Rim, they're all-inclusive, full-day Grand Canyon bus tours. But if you've never been on one before, you might be wondering exactly what "all-inclusive" means. Here's a little information on what's included in the price of Las Vegas Grand Canyon bus tours, followed by some suggestions for what to bring along with you:

First, Grand Canyon bus tours originating in Las Vegas include free pickup and drop-off service at all major Las Vegas Strip hotels. That's a bigger deal than you might think. The traffic in Sin City can be brutal at certain times of the day, and navigating to your tour departure point can be tricky if you're not familiar with the city's streets. Being picked up at the beginning of your tour and then brought back "home" at the end of the day is incredibly convenient and a lot less stressful.

Because they're full-day trips, all-inclusive Grand Canyon bus tours also include a light breakfast and a box lunch. After all, the buses are luxurious and designed to ensure that you're comfortable during the ride, but it wouldn't do to get hungry along the way!

Fixed Prices

The price also includes all the Park fees you'd pay if you went to the National Park on your own. Finally, all Grand Canyon bus tours originating in Las Vegas include the services of a professional driver who also serves as the tour guide. In addition to doing all the driving, these experienced, knowledgeable professionals share interesting, entertaining information about the sights passing by. Visiting the Grand Canyon is always a terrific experience, but it's made even better when your driver/guide tells you about the history of the area, some facts about the canyon's creation and unique geology, and tidbits about the local Native American culture.

Well, that's what's included in all-inclusive Grand Canyon bus tours. What's not? What items should you bring along with you?

I suggest you bring a few things, most of which are fairly small:

  • Extra water
  • Salty snacks
  • Sun block
  • Lip balm
  • Your camera, along with an extra set of fresh batteries.

west rim bus tours

I also have a few suggestions for what to wear during your Grand Canyon bus tour:

  • Sturdy running shoes or hiking boots
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat or cap with a brim
  • Shorts (during the summer) or pants (in winter)
  • A lightweight windbreaker (summer) or warmer jacket (in winter)
  • Gloves for winter tours.

Hoover Dam

All-inclusive Grand Canyon bus tours are terrific. You'll see a lot of canyon highlights along with Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, and the buses are very comfortable. These tours are also cheaper than you might think, especially if you book your tickets online. Which leads me to the following question:

"Where's the best place on the Internet to get the best deal on bus tours?"

The frank answer is direct from the tour operators themselves. To many, this will sound downright weird. But think about it. The trend of buying direct (e.g. CostCo, Sam's Club and the like) is now pretty much a way that corporations do business and tour companies are no different.

It still baffles me a tad that few people take this as gospel. Instead, they prefer to spend countless days and weeks on the Internet surfing websites like Viator, Expedia, Travelocity and more in search of the perfect deal. Sadly, these folks, after spending hours on the phone or sending voluminous emails to the sales department, end up throwing up their hands and taking anything that comes their way.

Don't be that person. Buy direct.

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There's one final tip I need to share with you on this matter: Make sure you complete your transaction online. Too many travelers find the deal they are looking for but end up calling it in. Avoid that. It will end up in you paying more (and in some cases purchasing a higher-priced trip!). The folks on the other end of the phone are commissioned sales people, and it's their job to make as much money off your booking as possible. Dodge the trap. Book online. Then, once you've received your confirmation email, pick up the phone and spend all day quizzing these salespeople about amenities, itineraries and transportation.

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Have a grand day,

P.S. Not sure which tour operator to use? Go here for a comparison of Grand Canyon bus tour operators based on safety, quality and price.


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