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Every Grand Canyon Bus Tour Stops at Hoover Dam

A lot of travelers know Las Vegas is in southern Nevada and the Grand Canyon isn't far away, in northwest Arizona. As far as Hoover Dam is concerned, they know it's somewhere in the area, but they're not sure exactly where it is.

That's a shame, because Hoover Dam is one of the most magnificent structures in the entire country, and it's only 35 miles south of Las Vegas. It's also one of the world's finest engineering achievements, controlling the mighty Colorado, preventing floods and providing power and water throughout the region.

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Hoover Dam is something every traveler should see. It's become an iconic destination in its own right, attracting over a million visitors annually.

Lots of people ask if their Grand Canyon bus tour stops at Hoover Dam. Well, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" Every all-inclusive Grand Canyon bus tour, no matter which rim it visits, stops at the dam for a 10-or-15-minute photo opportunity.

Photo Stop

This stop isn't a full-blown tour of the dam. Instead, it's a pullover that allows passengers to step out of their motor coach and take a few minutes to snap some amazing pics. Bus tours on the way to the Grand Canyon pull over on the Arizona side of the dam. When the allotted time is up, the tour buses continue on their way to the canyon. Two different tours are available for travelers who want to see and learn more about Hoover Dam, but you'll need to book one separately, on a different day.

Every all-inclusive Grand Canyon bus tour (West Rim and South Rim too) stops at Hoover Dam. It's the perfect combination - the Grand Canyon is a magnificent natural wonder and it's full of amazing sights and experiences, but manmade Hoover Dam is every bit as magnificent. A short stop at Hoover Dam makes perfect sense.

Construction work on the dam started in 1930, giving jobs to thousands during the height of the Great Depression. It was completed in less than 5 years (2 years ahead of schedule) despite merciless sun and heat, dangerous working conditions, and the deaths of 96 men. Towering more than 725 feet above the Colorado River, it's still the highest concrete dam in the entire Western Hemisphere. In addition to being one of America's largest producers of hydroelectric power, Hoover Dam is a National Historic Landmark.


After you're done marveling at this amazing achievement, you'll be transported to the West or South Rim of the spectacular Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon West is known for its opportunities for excitement and adventure - that's where you'll be able to walk out over the canyon's edge on the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk. Look down and you'll see the Colorado River winding its way through the canyon almost a mile below your feet! Exciting helicopter rides to the bottom of the canyon are also available at the West Rim.

The South Rim is famous for its spectacular natural beauty. That's where you'll find Yaki Point, Mather Point and Yavapai Observation Station. An exhilarating rim-to-rim helicopter flight through dramatic Dragoon Corridor is a highlight for many South Rim visitors, but Grand Canyon Village offers museums, gift shops and restaurants to suit those looking for something tamer.

bus tour hoover dam photo stop

The great thing about bus tours from Las Vegas to the canyon is that they are all-inclusive. In addition to the photo-stop, these packages include free hotel pick up and drop off, a light breakfast, professional guide service and all taxes and National Park fees. This is great news because it means there are no hidden costs when purchasing these trips.

Which brings me to the related issue concerning how to get the best deals on bus tours. Simply put, buy them on the Internet. Without a doubt, that's where the bargains are. That, however, is just part of the story. To ensure you get the best price, book your trip direct on the tour operator's website. I know it sounds contradictory but after all these years in the industry I've never see travel websites like Viator, Travelocity and Priceline beat the actual operator's rates. The only thing you need to be cautious of is completing the entire transaction online. Failure to do this can and will result in you paying the more expensive retail rate.

Advance Bookings

Next, make sure you book your bus tour in advance. Paradise Found, our #1 recommendation, now only accepts reservations that are made 4 days and more in advance. If you absolutely must buy your trip within 72 hours (3 days), I strongly recommend you purchase it though Grand Canyon Coaches, our #2 recommendation. What are the benefits of booking early? Lots, but the primary ones include better rates, guaranteed seating and better trip selection and departure times. If you really get in a pinch, hit me up on chat or call at 702-350-8687 or send me an email at

No one wants to miss seeing Hoover Dam. That's why all West and South Rim Grand Canyon bus tours stop there. So, as you shop about for the ideal bus trip from Vegas, take all of what was reported here into consideration. Doing so will ensure that you get the tour that best suits your needs.

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