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Taking a Closer Look at Grand Canyon Bus Tour
Cancellation Policies

Hey, it happens to everyone. For whatever reason, you have to cancel your bus tour or the weather does it for you. It's at this point that purchasing your trip from a reputable tour company matters. How so? Because the best suppliers will refund your money or reschedule your trip no questions asked if you follow the rules.

On, we've gone out of our way to list companies with iron-clad refund policies and more. You'd think this would be par for the course but it's not. Cancel a trip with one of the big-brand Internet brokers and prepare to work months for the refund you deserve.

So let's get into it, shall we?

Paradise Found is our #1 bus tour vendor. This Las Vegas-based company offers trips to the South Rim and the West Rim in addition to a host of other premium tours (e.g. helicopter, airplane, etc.). Like the outstanding company they are, Paradise deals with cancels like this:

  • Weather Cancel - Reschedule or 100 percent refund. No administrative fees.
  • Cancellation - Must submit request to cancel online 48 hours in advance of scheduled departure for a full refund. No refund if cancelled within 48 hours.
  • Reschedule - No charge if done 24 hours prior to departure.

Paradise' greatest strength is the South Rim bus tour, followed by the West Rim w/ optional Skywalk.

Next up is Grand Canyon Coaches (GCC), my number two pick on our list of favorite tour providers. Like Paradise, GCC is local to Las Vegas and is well-regarded for bus tours that can be upgraded to include some spectacular side trips. Here's their position on cancels and changes:

  • Weather Cancels - 100% refund or reschedule based on your needs.
  • Cancellation - Full refund if cancelled 24 hours prior to departure. Trips cancelled inside 24 hours are non-refundable.
  • Reschedule - No charge if done 24 hours prior to trip.

Like Paradise, GCC's policy is rock solid as I've received reports from readers who have properly received full refunds or had trips expertly rescheduled under all three scenarios.

Rounding off my elite group of three is Papillon's Bus Tours. This company is a lot like GCC in terms of selection and side trips. The also compete head-to-head with GCC, and so their cancel/reschedule policies are pretty much the same:

  • Weather Cancels - 100% refund or reschedule based on your needs.
  • Cancellation - Full refund if cancelled 24 hours prior to departure. Trips cancelled inside 24 hours are non-refundable.
  • Reschedule - No charge if done 24 hours prior to trip.

south rim bus tour las vegas

Each of our Top 3 bus tour companies only offer trips that are all-inclusive (in fact, we insist on it) and come with:

  • Free hotel pick up/drop off
  • Lunch
  • Professional guide service
  • All park taxes and fees

Each company we list only uses deluxe luxury coaches. This is a big deal, especially considering you'll be spending more than 10 hours riding them. That's why amenities like these matter:

  • Lounge-style seats
  • On-board restrooms
  • Oversized viewing windows
  • Superb climate control
  • Plasma TV's (& personal headsets!)

You are guaranteed that the price you pay as online is the final price, with no sneaky surcharges for fuel or automatic gratuities for the driver (though it's polite to tip).

Expect to spend a full day on bus tours. From Las Vegas, the West Rim is 120 miles away and the South Rim is 275 miles to the east. Drive time for the later is 2.5 hours and the former 5.5 hours. Please factor this in as you determine if a bus tour is for you. If not, here's an article that overviews helicopter, airplane and 1-day rafting tours.

Which rim should you visit? It's a great question. The hard and fast answer is this: Go to the West Rim for thrills and adventure (and convenience!) and to the South Rim for natural scenic beauty. Let me explain what I mean by this...

Remember earlier I mentioned how certain bus companies offered a load of side trips? Most of those are only available at the West Rim, like helicopter rides to the bottom, Colorado River boat trips and Grand Canyon Skywalk VIP access passes. The only South Rim side trip is the spectacular rim-to-rim helicopter trip that goes through the Dragoon Corridor (the widest & deepest section of the canyon). Thus choose your rim wisely.

west rim bus tour las vegas

The Internet is still the best place for bus tour deals. You just need to know where to look. Feel free to spend hours and days searching for the "Holy Grail" of prices. Most likely you won't find it, and that's why I'm going to share a couple of tips on how to get it:

  1. Buy direct. Purchase straight from the vendor.
  2. Book in Advance. At least a week in advance. No less than 72 hours.
  3. Complete the transaction online. Don't dump the virtual "shopping cart" and call the sales rep on the phone. That will most likely end up costing you more.

Too easy to be true, right? But these are the same two steps I recommend to family, friends and readers, and each group always gets a rate that makes their fellow passengers jealous. So, to get on the road to savings, go to our main page, shop any of the three bus tour companies I've listed and get your tour at a price you'll love.

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Have a grand day,

P.S. Not sure which tour operator to use? Go here for a comparison of Grand Canyon bus tour operators based on safety, quality and price.


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